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Full Biography

I was born and raised in London.

I did an Art Foundation Course, at Harrow College of Art, then I did a Printed Textile Design Course at Chelsea School of Art, where I received a degree in Printed Textiles.

I worked for several years as a Textile Designer and Colourist, which included exhibitions within the Textile Trade. Working in Textiles involved mostly working to a brief for particular clients, such as: Hayward Studios, Liberty's, Carrington Viyella, Walker and Rice, and Potter Craig Studios (in the heart of the rag trade off Great Portland Street, London W1).

I also had agents who sold work in Europe, USA and big time in Japan.

I always loved the actual painting side of Printed Textiles, and did many commissions related to Textiles, and even copies of LP record covers for people to supplement my income; I also sold Textile Paintings as actual Paintings, even to companies I was doing telemarketing for (to supplement my income) like Shell, where the director liked the work. I also worked in sales in the Travel market, and did beach sketches for the brochures when I was asked. (You can see my love for the beach is still strong in me.)

Whilst I had my own family, I continued to paint. In every home I've lived in I did Murals on the Walls and Doors, and I even volunteered within my children's schools by doing Murals there too. I also attend art groups, beacuse it's great to mix with other artists, to bounce ideas off each other, and hear criticism and to be critical.

So in recent years I have continued my Painting Career as an Artist, and exhibiting when I can, they are listed under the heading Exhibitions.

My real claim to fame was when I was submitting work to "The Royal Academy" for "The Summer Exhibition," and the BBC crew were there, and I was interviewed by Laurence Llewlyn-Bowen, and lo and behold the interview was televised on "The Culture Show." Such a shame I was caught in the rain before the interview!!!!

Links and pictures of the exhibitions are under the heading "Exhibitions," Have fun looking. Current and most recent are under the heading Other, then on the drop down menu 'Current exhibitions.'

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